Is it possible to remove or reduce stubborn fat from your waist and hips? Yes!

Laser fat reduction is a non-invasive, painless and fast treatment that, together with your healthy lifestyle choices, can help you dissolve unwanted fat and keep it off.

Unlike liposuction, there is no incision and no recovery time.

Laser Fat Reduction Zeros In On Fatty Tissue

A proper diet and regular exercise are beneficial for your whole body and can contribute to maintaining your healthy weight, but laser fat reduction can focus on the areas where fat deposits chronically accumulate. You may find that certain areas build or lose fat faster or slower than others.

For many people, the abdomen, the “love handles,” the hips, the thighs, and the back of the upper arms may be problem areas.

Laser treatments can target those fatty areas where you don’t seem to be making much progress.

Our Emerald Laser Treatment Won’t Kill Healthy Fat Cells

Fat cells are essential for human health. We don’t want to destroy your fat cells, we want to reduce the amount of excess lipoprotein being stored in those cells.

Liposuction and other aggressive treatments can backfire and promote visceral fat around the internal organs. Laser fat reduction doesn’t destroy the targeted fat cells. It uses heat to melt the fat within and drain it through tiny pores in the cell walls.

Our Laser Uses Your Lymphatic System

Where does the melted fat go? As the laser heats the fat in the fat cells, it also creates tiny pores in the cell wall. The fat is transferred into the body’s lymphatic system, which has the natural ability to absorb fats.

The fat in your body can melt at temperatures between 86° to 106°F, which means that the fat may already be emulsified in your usual state. The lasers help to heat and activate the fat while creating an aperture in the cell that allows the fat to drain out.

Emerald Laser uses a system of tiny lasers that emit light at the optimal wavelength to promote this process.

Laser Lipo Doesn’t Rely on Other Factors to Work

While diet and exercise are essential to having a healthy lifestyle, you may not achieve some of your goals with typical weight loss efforts.

Cardio exercise will not specifically target your hips, for example. An ab routine might give you tone in that area, but it won’t reduce fat. Some people can get rid of their love handles with a low-carb diet, but others lack the discipline to stick to an unfamiliar way of eating day after day.

Laser fat reduction will reduce the size of your fat cells regardless of diet and exercise. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t undo the great results with unhealthy habits. For best results, combine your laser treatment with a healthy diet and exercise.