Resurface and invigorate your skin with the amazing Fire and Ice Facial at Belle Vie of Oklahoma.

Intended to quickly and safely restore the skin, this expert treatment includes a mix of warming and cooling effects that will have your skin feeling fresh and revived.

Also often called the “Red Carpet Facial,” it has been the go-to treatment of superstars and influencers for its compelling advantages.

Starting with a serious resurfacing masque to warm up the skin, the treatment is finished with a refreshing cooling masque to chill down.

Enjoy the added advantages of refined skin and the softened appearance of scarcely discernible blemishes — all with little personal time invested.

To guarantee the ideal outcome, we suggest abstaining from waxing or laser procedures for roughly two days before your facial treatment.

We encourage clients to avoid items with Vitamin A, glycolic acid, as well as any other facial treatments for three days before their planned appointment.

With all of the appropriate precautions taken, you should emerge from your facial revived and glowing, with no unwanted aftereffects.

Some might encounter a passing flushed look following their facial therapy, yet that is not out of the ordinary.

Your facial treatment will last about thirty minutes, and you will be eager to see and feel the results right away! You can expect to leave with a more brilliant and refined complexion than when you arrived.

Plan your Fire and Ice Facial with Ireland Gregory, our Licensed Aesthetician, today.